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Do common diseases run in families? Click on one of the links to the left to learn how genetics plays a role in each of these conditions.


Genetics 101

If you're feeling a little lost, or just want to know more about genetics, Genetics 101 is the place to learn the basics.
Inheritance Patterns
DNA Mutations
Changing Your Risk
Genetics and the Future of Medicine

Genetic Testing

If you are considering genetic testing, it is helpful to know when testing is appropriate, and what actually happens during the testing process.
  The Testing Process
Where Is Testing Done?
Who Orders Genetic Tests?
Costs of Genetic Testing
•Types of Genetic Tests
(Coming Soon)

Genetic Counseling

What is genetic counseling, and how can you find a genetic counselor? Find out here.
(Please note that this information can also be reached from the Act home page.)
  What Is Genetic Counseling?
Find A Genetic Counselor

Ethical Issues

Ethical issues in genetics get a lot of media attention, but what is the real bottom line for you and your family?


  •Overview of Ethical Issues
Why Genetic Information Is Different
GENETIC HEALTH SPECIAL FEATURE Genetic Discrimination: Myth or Reality

Applying for Health Insurance: What Should You Reveal?
•Federal and State Laws Regarding Genetic Discrimination (Coming Soon)
•Leaving Genetic Information Out of Your Medical Record (Coming Soon)


What Is Cancer?

Everyone has heard of cancer, but how exactly does this disease (which is actually many different diseases) start, grow and cause harm to our bodies?
  •Overview (Coming Soon)
General Cancer Prevention Recommendations

Risk Tutorial

People perceive risk differently. Our tutorial can help you get a handle on how you think about "being at risk."
  Risk Tutorial

Information About Adoption

Information for adoptees and biological parents who have given children up for adoption.
(Please note that this information can also be reached from the Act home page.)
  What if I'm Adopted?
What if I've Given Children Up for Adoption?


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