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Take action to protect your health. Even if your risk is high, our tools and resources will help you take the right steps for better health.


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Reduce Your Risk

If you know your risks, we can help you find the right steps to maintain your health. The Risk Reduction Directory gives you quick access to the prevention and screening guidelines. If you're not certain of your risks, then the Assess section can help you get started.
Prevention and Screening Directory

Resource Center — Finding Help and Services

Find the best people, services, and resources for your needs.

Find A Genetic Counselor
Support Groups
Getting Medical Records
What Is Genetic Counseling?
Talking to Your Family About Inherited Risk
What if I'm Adopted
What if I've Given Children Up for Adoption?
•Resource Center FAQs (Coming Soon)


Participating in Research

Paricipating in research can help make a difference in your own health and the future health of others. Become an educated consumer so you can decide what's right for you.
Types of Clinical Trials
What Should I Know About Participating in Research?

GENETIC HEALTH SPECIAL FEATURE: From Finding a Gene to Developing a Cure


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