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  Clinical Trials

In order for a new drug or treatment to be generally available, it must go through a clinical trial to be sure that it is safe and effective. Each trial requires hundreds or even thousands of participants. The following list of clinical trials are currently looking for participants, and may be appropriate for you and your family.

These clinical trials are listed at the request of the researchers who are running the studies. Genetic Health does not specifically endorse any of these studies and does not receive compensation for listing them. This list is also not comprehensive. Before you participate in any clinical trial, you should carefully review the trial's informed consent document so you are aware of the risks and benefits of participation.

If you would like to list a clinical trial on this site, please email studies@genetichealth.com.

Colon Cancer Trials

John's Hopkins Colon Cancer Genetic Counseling Study
This study will evaluate the efficacy of genetic counseling in 200 Ashkenazi Jewish adults with a history of colorectal cancer. The long-term goal of the study is to increase the availability of genetic counseling by developing new ways of delivering the service.
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John's Hopkins Colon Cancer Genetic Testing Study
In order to learn more about the risks and benefits of genetic testing, this study offers free and confidential genetic testing for HNPCC.
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