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Last updated December 3, 2003


In 1999, Scott Cole founded an e-health company called Genetic Health, Inc. (GHI). GHI's mission was to provide consumers and health care providers with educational information and software tools to help them understand and assess genetic risk of common disease like cancer and heart disease. But like many Internet-era companies, GHI had to close its doors in 2001.

Since then, several of people who worked on the Genetic Health Web site have decided to re-launch it. The current GeneticHealth.com web site is the result. The site is no longer associated with a for-profit company. It is maintained by individuals who donate their time to keep the content up-to-date and accurate.

We hope that you find the new GeneticHealth.com Web site valuable. And we look forward to hearing any suggestions and comments that you might have!




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